Trasfluid Srl is the new Exclusive Master Distributor for Italy by Velcon Filtration

We are pleased to announce that TRASFLUID S.r.l. is the new Exclusive Distributor for Italy, Malta and Albania of Velcon Filtration, a division of Parker Hannifin, the world leader company in

the sector of filtration, separation, and fuel monitoring. The range of products guarantees very high-quality standards and ranges from products for particulate filtration, fiber to glass, from coalescing filters to separators.

PARKER VELCON makes combustibles, such as AVIO FUEL, BIO-DIESEL, and INDUSTRIAL DIESEL, clean, and free of water, guaranteeing the highest quality standards. For years, it has been offering electronic sensors and field tests for the detection of solid particles and water contaminants, producing a wide range of filter elements, reservoirs, housings, skids, and systems used for the clarification of aviation fuel, diesel fuel, and industrial service fluids, all rigorously designed according to local regulations.


Filter Cartridges and Elements

Parker AFD manufactures Parker Velcon filtration elements, vessels, housings, skids and systems used in clarification of aviation jet fuel, diesel fuel and industrial utility fluids. In addition, we also offer electronic sensors and field test kids for detection of solid particulate and water contaminants.


Vessels & Housings

Parker AFD manufactures a wide range of Parker Velcon vessels, including carbon steel pressure vessels, stainless pressure vessels & aluminum pressure vessels for filtration, water separation, and fuel treatment. Standard vessel construction is to ASME Code Section VIII, 150 psi (ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code). Other design pressures are available upon request. Vessels can be designed in a vertical or horizontal orientation fit your installation site.