Trasfluid Srl is the exclusive master distributor for Casri water detector capsules

TRASFLUID S.r.l. is the Exclusive Master Distributor for Casri Water Detector Capsules.

Millions of liters of jet fuel are pumped into turbine-powered aircrafts every day all around the world. One of the things that Ground Operators need to ensure is that the fuel is free from contamination since contaminated fuel can cause significant damage to aircraft and engines.

Water – in particular – can cause corrosion in fuel system components. If enough water is present, it can form ice crystals at low temperatures and clog fuel lines, filters, or components. This could disturb or even stop the fuel supply to the engine during flight and water is, therefore, a potential hazard to the aircraft at high altitudes.

Jet fuel's composition allows water to be easily absorbed and held in suspension. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much water to cause problems, but with proper procedures in place, you can prevent contaminated fuel from causing problems to your aircraft.

JT Fuel Test along with CASRI can provide everything you need to prevent the risks coming from water-contaminated fuel. Approved and recommended by JIG and IATA.