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Jet Fuel Testing

JT FUEL TEST is a TRASFLUID’s product line exclusively dedicated to Jet Fuel Testing

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CASRI water detector capsules

The most widely used chemical check for water in suspension

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Microbiological contamination test of Jet Fuel and Diesel

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JIG Approved IATA Approved

Water detector capsules

Millions of liters of

jet fuel

are pumped into turbine-powered aircrafts every day all around the world. One of the things that Ground Operators need to ensure is that the fuel is free from contamination since contaminated fuel can cause significant damage to aircrafts and engines.
Water – in particular – can cause corrosion in fuel system components. If enough water is present, it can form ice crystals at low temperatures and clog fuel lines, filters or components. This could disturb or even stop the fuel supply to the engine during flight and water is therefore a potential hazard to the aircraft at high altitudes.

Jet fuel's

composition allows water to be easily absorbed and held in suspension. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much water to cause problems, but with proper procedures in place you can prevent contaminated fuel from causing problems to your aircraft.

JT Fuel Test

can provide everything you need to prevent the risks coming from water contaminated fuel.

Underwing single point nozzles

Quick and easy maintenance Nozzles are designed and independently tested to SAE specification AS5877.

Wing Mats

This product is designed to protect the aircraft wing from damage by the hose and nozzle during overwing refueling.

Spring Return Valves

SH01, spring return handle (also called deadman handle) is well designed as heavy duty type for very long term operation.

Bonding Reels and Accessories

Our manual rewind Earth Bonding Reel is used when transferring hazardous liquids and gases between systems, to prevent any static charge that can be caused by a static build up...

Deadman handswitch - zone 1 certified

Our Deadman Handswitch is designed to be installed into a fuel system and provides safe control of the pneumatic valve.

Safe Spiral Hose Protectors

Spiral Hose Protectors are a cost effective and practical solution for the protection of hoses and cables without limiting flexibility or bend radius. 

Stainless Steel Buckets

Four sizes of Stainless Steel buckets available for low point flushing, purging and sampling on aviation fuel storage systems, all come with graduated scale in litres.

Density and Temperature Measurement

We stock an extensive range of oil company approved high quality hydrometers, thermometers and thermohydrometers for checking the density and temperature of hydrocarbon fuels. They are compliant with the official standard...

Hight Capacity Closed Circuit Samplers

For many years the Fuel Test range of Closed Circuit Samplers have led the way in the examination and quality checking of aviation fuel within a closed system.

Earth Bonding Cables

Standard Cable Kink Resistant Bright yellow Cable Safety Orange High Visibility Cable

Glass Sampling Jars

We offer a clear glass jar for aviation fuel sampling and it has a 3.5 litre capacity. The jar has a screw on leak proof plastic cap and permit the...

Pressure Control Hydrant Couplers

Accurate pressure control and excellent stability at all flow rates For primary and secondary pressure control systems


FUELSTAT® is a rapid, on-site test kit for the detection of fuel degrading Bacteria and Fungi which are known to do harm to fuel tanks and fuel systems of any...

4 Litre Closed Circuit Sampler

The accepted method of checking the cleanliness of aviation fuel is the ‘clear and bright’ test, where fuel is swirled around in an open bucket or clear glass jar and...

Combined Deadman & Differential Pres…

Deadman and Filter Differential Pressure Protection in one single system.

Clamps & Clips

Our clips are from different types, dimensions, grips and materials, such as alluminium and copper. 

Sample Storage/Transportation

In addition to glass sample jars we can provide many different items for the storage/transportation of fuel samples.

20 Litre Closed Circuit Sampler

Since it’s introduction in 1982 Fuel Test 4 Litre Closed Circuit Sampler has displaced the traditional open bucket or glass jar method of carrying out the ‘clear and bright’ quality...

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TRASFLUID S.r.l. is the Exclusive Master Distributor for Casri Water Detector Capsules. Millions of liters of jet fuel are pumped into turbine-powered aircrafts every day all around the world. One of...


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New site JET Fuel Test

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JT Fuel Test

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