Jet Fuel Test - Application

The thought of how dangerous undissolved water in jet fuel can be, is enough to unsettle anyone’s stomach. So it’ll come as a relief to know that there’s a quick, easy and affordable way to make sure your fuel is water-free – the Fuel Test Water Detector.

It’s the aviation industry’s test system of choice, employed over 8 million times a year around the world.
Using a syringe fitted with a CASRI Water Detector capsule, it only takes a matter of moments to check the fuel at any stage of your delivery system.
And these capsules are probably the most cost-effective safety measure you’ll ever introduce.

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Road vehicle and RTW drain samplesRoad vehicle and RTW drain samples - before discharge into airport storage.
Bottom samples from airport tanksBottom samples from airport tanks - immediately before release.
Fueller and trailer compartment drain samplesFueller and trailer compartment drain samples - after each replenishment.
Hydrant dispenser filter drain samplesHydrant dispenser filter drain samples - after each aircraft fuelling.
Fueller filter drain samplesFueller filter drain samples - after the first aircraft fuelling, after filling or topping up either Fueller or trailer.
Drain samples from filtration equipmentDrain samples from filtration equipment on hydrant delivery and Refueller loading rack delivery.