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20 Litre Closed Circuit Sampler

Since it’s introduction in 1982 Fuel Test 4 Litre Closed Circuit Sampler has displaced the traditional open bucket or glass jar method of carrying out the ‘clear and bright’ quality check on aviation fuel.


4 Litre Closed Circuit Sampler

The accepted method of checking the cleanliness of aviation fuel is the ‘clear and bright’ test, where fuel is swirled around in an open bucket or clear glass jar and visually inspected.


Bonding Reels and Accessories

Our manual rewind Earth Bonding Reel is used when transferring hazardous liquids and gases between systems, to prevent any static charge that can be caused by a static build up in the transfer hose.


Density and Temperature Measurement

We stock an extensive range of oil company approved high quality hydrometers, thermometers and thermohydrometers for checking the density and temperature of hydrocarbon fuels. They are compliant with the official standard ASTM E2251-14 - Standard Specifications for Liquid-in-Glass ASTM thermometers with Low-hazard precision. 



FUELSTAT® is a rapid, on-site test kit for the detection of fuel degrading Bacteria and Fungi which are known to do harm to fuel tanks and fuel systems of any asset storing or utilising jet or diesel fuel.  The test kit also contains a third test area which is marked with the term H-Res, it has a scientific term but is more commonly known in industry as ‘Jet Fuel Fungus’ and ‘Diesel Bug’ amongst a host of other such names but essentially is the brown/black slime which is most frequently seen coating filters or tank bottoms. 

The ability of FUELSTAT is to perform a semi-quantitative MBG (Microbial Growth) test, on-site within minutes of the sample being taken and returning a result in as little as 10 minutes provides organisations with the ability to make swifter and more cost-effective remedial maintenance decisions which in turn maximises the health of their assets, reduces potential downtime and ultimately reduces cost. 

We have introduced an app available on iPhone and Android, this allows users of the FUELSTAT test kit to have a test result on their handheld device – there are two options FUELSTAT Result with reporting abilities on a portal or FUELSTAT Mobile app use only.

Click here to watch FUELSTAT Training Videos  



We offer a range of funnels for transferring fuel, ranging from the low cost tinplate versions to the more expensive Stainless Steel funnel.


Glass Sampling Jars

We offer a clear glass jar for aviation fuel sampling and it has a 3.5 litre capacity. The jar has a screw on leak proof plastic cap and permit the fuel ‘clear and bright’ examination and cleanliness check to be carried out.


Stainless Steel Buckets

Four sizes of Stainless Steel buckets available for low point flushing, purging and sampling on aviation fuel storage systems, all come with graduated scale in litres.


Testing Jars

Our jars can be of different materials, such as plastic and glass, types and capacity: 100 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml. 


Water Finding Paper

This product is commonly used to detect the presence of larger quantities of free water than would be sought with Fuel Test Water Detector capsules.


Wing Mats

This product is designed to protect the aircraft wing from damage by the hose and nozzle during overwing refueling.