In order to perform the Water Detection test we offer a series of re-useable 5ml syringes.

Low cost medical specification syringes should not be used for the test because they often have the incorrect tip size which will not fit the water detector capsule, and they may have an extremely short service life.

However, although each re-useable syringe can be used to execute a number of tests, it does have a finite service life which is very dependant on the type of syringe, exact fuel specification, ambient conditions, and operating practices, hence syringes should always be considered as a consumable item.
In time the seals will swell up and the Nylon itself will expand and render the syringe unserviceable.
An alternative syringe is available which is made from Polyethylene.
It has no rubber seal and comes with a special metal tip which is less prone to wear than the Nylon syringe and under certain operating conditions offers a longer service life.
We have also developed a new reverse action syringe which gives a one handed operation.
The plunger is pushed (not pulled) to draw the fuel sample and this is more convenient to use when the operator is wearing thick gloves while carrying out the test.