Combined Deadman & Differential Pressure Protection System

Deadman and Filter Differential Pressure Protection in one single system.

  • Operational standardization for both new and existing vehicles
  • Easy to install and connect also as a retro-fit on existing vehicles
  • Complies with JIG and IATA requirements
  • Filter overpressure protection
  • Deadman and pressure override by key switch
  • Deadman shut down when high filter differential pressure occurs
  • Deadman control system with programmable timer
  • Integral high DP warning led and reset/override switch
  • Siren and lamp for Deadman and DP.
  • Up to 8 glands to direct connect without other box
  • The system is contained in a box ATEX approved

The market offers a lot of Deadman systems, and also many filter Differential Pressure (DP) protection systems.

Our system,  designed to be easily installed in all new and existing refuelling vehicles, is a combined Deadman and DP protection system.

Our system is programmable so the operators can add many custom-made functions. This is the main advantage and difference with other existing competitor systems.

The Deadman timer/timeout is also programmable between 15 and 225 seconds and it can also be  overridden.

The operation of retro-fitting a DP Protection System in the cab of a semi-trailed type fuel tanker is complicated because of the long cable runs which are required and the need to find spare cores in the tractor/trailer multi core Suzie cable.

Our new system is a very convenient solution to simplify retro-fitting to semi-trailed type fuel tankers, reducing the cabling requirements and associated costs.

The system incorporates a red status LED and a Reset/Override Switch in the front cover, and it fully meets all the requirements of JIG Bulletins 58 and 105.

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