CASRI Water Detection Capsules

CASRI Water Detection Capsules can be used to indicate the presence of free water (suspended water) in jet fuels at handling temperature, which is simple, rapid and sensitive.

Fuel Test is authorised and approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.
A 5ml sample is sucked through the detector head into the syringe.
An initial indication occurs at about 10ppm when the capsule turns from a pale yellow to a pale green colour. The colour deepens to a dark green-blue, indicating a water content of 30ppm.

Check the expiry date on the body of the tube to ensure the detector has not passed its expiry date.
Take the capsule from the tube; check that the paper is pure yellow.
Do not touch the centre paper and use it immediately without long time exposure at ambient humidity.

1) The tube should be covered immediately after the capsule is taken.
2) If there are greenish-yellow spots or any other colours on the test paper, do not use it.

Fit capsule to syringe with plunger in the closed position, ensure the capsule has been steadily fixed onto the syringe to avoid it falling into the fuel sample.
Immerse the capsule to the lower part of the freshly drawn fuel sample of interest, stir and draw 5ml of the fuel sample. Also install Fuel Test into the chemical water detection port of the closed circuit sampler and draw 5ml of fuel sample.
Withdraw the syringe and examine the colour of the centre portion to determine the content of suspended water immediately.
If the colour of the centre does not change, namely yellow or yellowish then the fuel sample is acceptable.
If the colour of the centre is yellowish-green (or yellowish-green spots), the dispersed water content of the fuel sample is less than 30 ppm.
The colour of the centre can change to green becoming progressively more noticeable with increasing water content. Drain and sample the fuel again and test.
If the colour of the center changes to distinct green (or more green spots) the water content of the fuel sample is about 30 ppm.
If the colour of the centre changes to blue-green/blue/blue-black, it indicates the water content is more than 30 ppm and the fuel shall not into-plane.
Empty the contents of the syringe back into the sample glass jar or metal bucket.
Record the results (colour or approximate water content) and choose the appropriate next steps depending on the results.