Hight Capacity Closed Circuit Samplers

For many years the Fuel Test range of Closed Circuit Samplers have led the way in the examination and quality checking of aviation fuel within a closed system.

The benefits of Closed Sampling such as environmental acceptability, operational efficiency and safety, and minimal loss of product, have become widely recognised by fuel handling companies across the world.
High Capacity Closed Circuit Samplers have been developed from our 4 Litre and 20 Litre units specifically for use in locations where large volume drain samples are required, and they share many of the innovative design features of the smaller version.

The Fuel Test High Capacity Closed Circuit Sampler.
It is connected directly to the main tank sample line, and the contents of both the sample line and tank low point are flushed into the glass vessel at a high flow rate through the spring close inlet valve.
This allows the fuel velocity to be maximised and purges the low point more efficiently.
It also ensures that any dirt and water will be seen.
The unit has a polished Stainless Steel base incorporating a close coupled ball valve, which in conjunction with the tangential inlet and resultant fuel vortexing ensures that any contamination is highly visible to the operator.
The unit is also available with hydrometer and thermometer pockets inside the glass tube for density/temperature checking, and with Fuel Test Water Detector or Velcon Hydrokit test points fitted to the inlet pipework.
The inlet and outlet are flanged and there is a sample point in the outlet pipework fitted with a spring close ball valve.
The complete unit is mounted onto a Stainless Steel support frame.