20 Litre Closed Circuit Sampler

Since it’s introduction in 1982 Fuel Test 4 Litre Closed Circuit Sampler has displaced the traditional open bucket or glass jar method of carrying out the ‘clear and bright’ quality check on aviation fuel.

However, although a 4 Litre sample is ideal for refuelling vehicles where single point samples are taken via short small bore sample lines, a larger sample volume is needed where the pipework volume would be flushed into a bucket prior to the glass jar sample, or where composite samples are required.
The sampling of multi compartment road tankers or rail tank cars, or medium capacity storage tanks are typical examples, so we developed our 20 Litre Closed Circuit Sampler (CCS) which retains all of the novel features of the 4 Litre unit.

Description and Operation.
The Fuel Test 20 Litre CCS consists of a clear glass tube fitted to a white epoxy coated conical base to assist in the detection of dirt and water, and with a hinged vented cover. The base incorporates a tangential inlet port, and a close coupled Stainless Steel drain valve.
For our 20 Litre CCS we recommend that the inlet port is connected to the sample points using 20mm diameter pipework to maximise the flow rate, and that the filling operation is controlled using 3/4” spring close valves.
The drain port should be connected to the depot product recovery system, or storage tank using 40mm diameter pipework.
The 20 Litre CCS should ideally be located to allow gravity drainage, but if not, we can supply a semi rotary pump and non return valve to drain the CCS.
When fuel is drawn into the CCs under pressure from the sample points the tangential inlet port promotes vortexing of the incoming fuel.
This concentrates any contamination in the centre of the base, and makes detection very easy.
The integral drain valve is opened to release the sample after completion of the visual inspection.
Internal cleaning of the CCS is easily accomplished through the hinged lid.
Hydrometer and thermometer pockets for density and temperature checks can be provided in conjunction with a removable inner lid.
The Fuel Test Water Detector or Velcon Hydrokit test can either be fitted to the inner lid (internal), or to a self sealing valve in the inlet port (external).